Feel Like It

island-1800892_640I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been completely honest with you. You came here, on my website, thinking I was a writer. But I’m not. Instead I have this secret I carry with me. I’m a highly skilled undercover procrastinator.

It all started when I first went to school. My mother wrapped me up warm that day. She sat me down on the back of her bicycle and cycled to school with me. I was excited and a little bit scared. Finally I was going to learn some of the important things that adults could do, like writing or reading! My mum took my little hand in hers and she brought me to my class. There was a little chair standing in the circle. It had a sticker on it. I remember the picture on it. It was Heidi. My mum had read the book of Heidi, the girl in the Alps, to me. There was a very sweet teacher, she said I could put my chair next to hers. So I did. Then the teacher started singing songs. Maybe they were interesting songs… or maybe they weren’t. I don’t remember, I was already looking out of the window wondering how clouds were made. 

art-2981726_640Later that day we had to paint leaves. The leaves were beautiful and had intricate patterns. My little mind wondered how the trees painted the patterns on the leaves. I had never seen a tree with hands. Or with a paint brush for that matter. By the time the other children were done painting, I still sat with the leaf in my hands and a blank piece of paper in front of me.

“She is a bit absent minded,” the teacher said when my mum picked me up.
“Yes that she is,” my mum said while she looked down on me and smiled.
In the many years that followed, 35 to be precise, I continued to be absent minded. I’m a dreamer, not a doer. I can spend hours, days and even weeks inside my own mind. Only recently I started to realize how much of a gift that is to a writer. I’m hardly ever without inspiration and even in my sleep the ideas keep on coming. But there’s a downside. All that pondering comes at a high price. Because as a dreamer I never finished anything. I started courses in guitar playing, cross stitching, gardening and Spanish. It was all for nothing. I never finished any of those courses. All that money and time I wasted. It’s a bit sad don’t you think?

light-2188464_640But even the most scatterbrained dreamer will learn. As did I. A few years ago I found out about this website, it’s called Lifehacker. Now the awesome folks of Lifehacker have a philosophy that if you do things as efficiently as possible it leaves more time for important stuff. They wrote quite a few blog posts on procrastination. There’s one that stands out to me and it’s titled “You Don’t Need to ‘Feel Like’ Doing Something to Start Doing It.” Maybe you think, “Well duh!” But to me as a professional builder of air castles this was a revelation.
So Lifehacker came to the rescue and I made this pact with the dreamer in me. From this day onward we were gonna do shit. Not because we felt like it, but because if we would start inspiration would follow. And sure enough it did.

This is why I ask all dreamers, writers, artists and philosophers to join me in getting stuff done. And I promise it will inspire the living daylight out of you!

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