people-2567617_640Most of us write best when we are alone. No distractions, no questions asked. Just you and your story. Maybe some music. Or a cat on your lap. As long as it stays there. God forbid it starts walking the keyboard and replaces the last fifty pages with random letters combinations.

We perform better as solo artists. Shining on a stage loosely constructed from paper, ink and tears. In an awkward theater where the crowd doesn’t appear until the artist left the building. Only to find a written account of the show left on the stage. Yet they cheer. 

ballet-2124654_640In such an odd world, where solitude is strangely rewarding, it is easy to become an aspiring hermit. I know I can become just that. There’s times where I despise human contact. Where I just want to lock myself up in a silent room and write until my fingers bleed. It’s not unusual to feel that way. However each writer is, next to an illustrious and rare species, a member of the human race. And humans very much need each other to make it through life. In fact, we don’t just need each other, we crave each other. We have friendships, lovers, children, families. Huge parts of our lives, if not all of our life, revolves around each other.

So when I feel the need to escape it all I do two things. The first one is to schedule some time away. I don’t care if it’s the library, a walk or an hour alone in the bathtub. As long as it’s just by myself. And after that, when my thoughts have calmed down and I no longer want to escape humanity, I try to remember.

people-2616695_640I remember all that I owe to other people. I owe my mother for putting me on this world, for her love and her gentle tenderness when raising me. I owe my family for thinking the world of me. I owe my lovers for understanding me, for never being jealous toward each other. I owe my best friends, for their inspiration and the joy they bring me. And at the end of the day, I even owe my enemies, for making me stronger and more resilient.

We do not write despite humanity, we write because of humanity. It is, and always will be, our biggest inspiration.

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