Writers Retreat

people-2593593_640As I wrote before, most writers perform best when writing alone. I’m no exception to that, but my home is often crowded. I’ve got two partners, two sons and a flatmate. The partners have their kids, the sons have their friends and my flat mate loves to watch the most annoying comedies. As I started to write more, my need for a quiet place became bigger. I looked at several options. Writing in my bedroom for instance. But even there I’m bothered by people asking me where their favorite t-shirt is, if I’ve seen the Pikachu on our lawn and whether I’d like to watch a series with them. All legitimate questions, unless you want to do some serious writing. 

At the end of the day there was one option left and it consisted of me leaving the house to write. I found this place close to home. Long tables, lots of seating, free Wi-Fi and friendly staff. They even keep a fair volume of dictionaries and grammar books. Best of all, it costs me nothing to write there.

people-2593593_640Of course you want me to share the location of this secret writing retreat with you now. I could give you the address of mine, but they have branched out. In fact they have places all over the world. I’m pretty sure if you Google them you’ll find they have a location near you. There’s also this VIP package they do. They call it a membership. It allows you to take home some goodies they’ve got in store. Usually the membership isn’t mandatory, but I got one because I like supporting them.

My local branch is called “Bibliotheek”, but yours is probably called different. In English speaking countries they are called “Library”. Give it a try and see how you like it. You may be surprised.

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