Taking a Break

After a very productive half year, during which I drafted two novels, I’m currently on a (planned) break from all my writing activities. Well, almost all of them. I do still take a lot of notes on ideas that spring from my mind. But aside from that, I haven’t properly sat down to write something since late April. Luckily, I’ve had very happy reasons to set this summer stop.

The first of those reasons being that I got married. Or should I say eloped? Either way, after a relationship of 10 years with Joep we decided to tie the knot. On the 14th of May, we married in just the company of our witnesses. A day later everyone received a card with the wedding announcement and a dinner invitation. It was a simple ceremony, but it was exactly as we wanted. No fuzz or frills. Just love. Now as some of you may know, I’m polyamorous. I also have a relationship with Tony. That didn’t change. I’m still happy with both men, and both men are still happy with me and the arrangement we have. In fact, Tony was one of the three witnesses during the ceremony. Even as an atheist I feel blessed to have such great guys by my side.

Where the wedding was a small ceremony, the dinner party that we held two weeks later was bigger. We had about 50 people coming over to a buffet style restaurant. Some folks would say that is still a small party, but I was totally blown away by the amount of attention we got. One of my best friends even came all the way from the UK on his motorcycle. Others were there despite being very ill. It was unforgettable, to say the least.

After an epic party, we dove right into a new adventure when we got the keys to our new home. A lovely little house in the town of Hardinxveld. It doesn’t need much work, but with my Dyspraxia and Joep’s herniated disks we are moving a bit slower than other people. It’s not a problem. All in due time. At the moment the house is habitable, with a couch, bed, and tv. Recently my sons have helped us move the old oak desk to the writing room. They did a great job. Soon the whiteboard will go up, pictures will go on the wall, and my office will be ready for action.
For now, my planning from the end of September onward looks as follows:

  • Finish editing “Still time Stork”
  • Take a course in screenwriting (and simultaneously apply the learned knowledge by writing a screenplay)
  • Finish “River of Illinois”
  • Start editing “Broken at Tumbleweeds”

For now, I wish you all a very pleasant summer, and I hope to greet you back here in September.

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