brushes-3129361_640This blog post is my assignment for the course English Grammar and Style, lecture 1.2 by edX and a response to Infosys ‘Why I make’ video campaign. 

In essence, I think I am, and always have been, a creative person. Somewhere deep inside me, there is this drive to make something. To make anything really. As a toddler I was already scribbling notebooks full with my drawings and, as I grew on, the drawings became paintings. Later on in life, I got a camera, and I learned about the wonderful world of photography. Other arts and crafts followed and managed to spark my interest. A fair bit of tinkering also got added to the list. Welding, soldering, and pyrography. Writing is the most recent thing I picked up. This made me wonder; what is it about creativity that has such a pull on me? Why do I need to create in order to feel alive?  Continue reading “#WhyIMake”

Makers gonna Make

tools-864983_640For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the way everything around us works. I can still remember taking a cassette deck apart at age 8. My mother was displeased about it. Granted it had probably something to do with the fact I had left the plug in while I happily poked around with my screwdriver in the exposed parts. But in the mind of an 8 year old there was no room to think about something as trivial as taking the power off. I only had eyes for the way the network of wheels distributed the tape alongside the head, which magically transferred a sound to the speakers.  Continue reading “Makers gonna Make”