Feel Like It

island-1800892_640I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been completely honest with you. You came here, on my website, thinking I was a writer. But I’m not. Instead I have this secret I carry with me. I’m a highly skilled undercover procrastinator.

It all started when I first went to school. My mother wrapped me up warm that day. She sat me down on the back of her bicycle and cycled to school with me. I was excited and a little bit scared. Finally I was going to learn some of the important things that adults could do, like writing or reading! My mum took my little hand in hers and she brought me to my class. There was a little chair standing in the circle. It had a sticker on it. I remember the picture on it. It was Heidi. My mum had read the book of Heidi, the girl in the Alps, to me. There was a very sweet teacher, she said I could put my chair next to hers. So I did. Then the teacher started singing songs. Maybe they were interesting songs… or maybe they weren’t. I don’t remember, I was already looking out of the window wondering how clouds were made.  Continue reading “Feel Like It”

Makers gonna Make

tools-864983_640For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the way everything around us works. I can still remember taking a cassette deck apart at age 8. My mother was displeased about it. Granted it had probably something to do with the fact I had left the plug in while I happily poked around with my screwdriver in the exposed parts. But in the mind of an 8 year old there was no room to think about something as trivial as taking the power off. I only had eyes for the way the network of wheels distributed the tape alongside the head, which magically transferred a sound to the speakers.  Continue reading “Makers gonna Make”

About pen names

feedback-2849602_640When I first started writing I wondered whether or not I had to pick a pen name. I asked for advice on a writers forum and did some reading on the subject. I found out the use of pseudonyms by authors is quite common. Did you know that Voltaire, Mark Twain, George Orwell and Stan Lee are all pen names? I didn’t and I very much enjoyed reading the stories of why they chose to write under another name.  Continue reading “About pen names”